How do Cards get into the mail?

Your handcrafted photos are sent to a brick-and-mortar print shop, where we print and ship your Cards to anywhere in the world. Will they feel cheap? Not a chance. We use only high quality inks and premium Card stock to print your Cards before sealing them in kraft paper envelopes addressed by you in the app. We then add the stamps and pop them in the mail.

Will it really look like my handwriting?

We print your messages and doodles exactly the way they appear in the app. While you can use your finger to jot a quick note, we do recommend using a stylus to replicate your personal penmanship. We don’t mean to brag or to trick anyone, but our printers lay down the ink in a way that looks a whole lot like it was written by you with a real pen. It’s like magic, only not.

How quickly will my Card arrive?

We do our best to send Cards within 24 hours. You’ll get an email when we drop your Card in the mail. We proudly use the trusty US Postal Service’s First Class Mail, which arrives at most destinations within 3-5 business days. Remember, good things are worth waiting just a little bit longer for!

Can I schedule a Card for delivery sometime in the future?

Ah… yes. We call this the “never have to apologize for missing your BFF’s birthday again” feature. Simply write your Card and then tap “Send Later” on the checkout screen. Select the date you’d like your Card to arrive by and we’ll take care of the rest!

Where can I see the Cards and photos that I’ve sent?

You can see a list of all the Cards you’ve ever sent in the app. Simply tap on the menu icon in the top left corner and then tap on MyFelt.

Can I re-send photos that I’ve sent?

Felt photos are automatically saved to the Felt Album after you submit your order. You can re-edit the photo and send it to a new recipient at any time.

What size is a card frame?

Each individual card frame is 4″w x 4.5″h. You can use 1-4 frames per card creation. This means that a 4-frame card will print as one big folding piece that measures 16″w x 4.5″h when it’s unfolded.

Do you offer a discount for people sending a bunch of Cards?

Yes we do! From within the app you can buy Felt Credits at a discount. To buy credits, just tap on the menu and select Felt Credits. The more credits you buy, the bigger the savings.

Can I have a custom Card with my own logo or design created?

Why yes. Yes you can. There’s a special class of Cards called Pro Cards. The front and back of Pro Cards are customizable. We can help you design your Card or you can design it. Email us at myfelt@feltapp.com and include your logo or Card design idea and we’ll get started.

Can I mail a Card to someone outside the U.S?

Yes! Oui! Si! Ja! Hai! After you add an envelope to your order, you’ll see a simple switch that lets you choose either “USA” or “International”. For international shipping, it’s only an extra $1 to ship your Cards to anywhere on Earth. These days, you can’t even have a pizza delivered for a dollar. However, please give us 12-15 days for delivery on international orders.

What does it mean when you say Cards are printed accordion-style?

When you make a creation with multiple card frames, we print them as one big folded piece. The end result looks a little bit like an accordion and a lot like a cool art piece that can stand up all by itself on a fireplace mantle. We also perforate the folds between each card frame to make it easy for people to tear off individual frames, too.

Where can I see Cards that I’ve already sent?

All of your sent cards can be found in the MyFelt section. Tap on the app menu and then on MyFelt.

How do I use the handwritten address book?

After you add an addressed envelope to your order you can save the handwritten address in your address book for future use. Once you have a few addresses saved, you can easily tap recipients to add their handwritten addresses to your order. No need to handwrite them one-by-one all over again. This means you can spend less time writing addresses and more time laughing at hilarious cat videos on the internet.

How do I contact a Felt human?

We are actual people, like you, working on our computers and phones available to help. Email us at hi@feltapp.com. We pride ourselves in responding as fast as possible. Which is typically super fast.

For Subscription

How much am I saving by using subscription?

Subscription saves you a boatload. Depending on extras, just one Felt card costs as much as $6, and you’ll get to send three per month. That’s a savings of as much as $13!

How many frames am I limited to?

Send as many as 3 cards a month with up to 4 frames each–All for only $5 bucks a month. After that you can still pay to send cards one at a time. Cards start at $3 each.

Do I pay month by month or for a whole year?

You pay month by month and can cancel at anytime. No strings attached.

What is the difference between Felt Plus and Felt Pro?

Felt Plus is for people sending 1-3 cards a month. It includes up to 3 cards, each with up to 4 frames—All for only $5 a month. At $15 a month, Felt Pro is for people typically sending more than 3 cards each month. With Felt Pro you get the 3 free cards as well as an additional 40% discount on credits for more cards. Felt Pro also allows you to upload a custom card with a logo or personal design like a monogram.

How do I create my own custom card or personal stationery with Felt Pro?

After you activate your Felt Pro subscription we’ll email you a link to create your card. You can upload your information including a logo or other image file. We’ll then send you back a proof. Once it’s approved we’ll add the custom card to your account.

Note: Custom cards are only available to your account and any accounts you have authorized.

How do I activate my 40% off Felt credits with Felt Pro?

As soon as you subscribe to Felt Pro the credit purchasing screen in the app will show 40% off. You can purchase as many credits as you like.

What is the difference between Felt credits and subscriptions?

The difference between credits and subscriptions is that subscriptions are designed like a membership. You can send up to 3 cards with as many frames as you want! Up to 4 per card. And credits are a simple way to receive a discount for on a large number of cards.

Can I ever switch from Felt Plus to Felt Pro? How does that work?

Sure you can! Simply go to the app subscription screen and select Felt Pro. You’ll be billed the prorated amount for the existing time left in the current month. Your number of subscription cards will reset instantly to 3. You can also downgrade anytime you want from within the app.

What happens if I don’t use all of my 3 cards for the month?

The subscription cards reset each month so if you use them all they reset to 3 on the next billing cycle. If you don’t use them all, then nothing happens. They simply reset to 3 on the next billing cycle.

Do the cards roll over into the next month if I don’t use them?

Since subscription allows you to send cards with unlimited frames, the cards don’t roll over each month. The subscription cards simply reset on each billing cycle.

Do I still have to pay more for International Shipping?

Yes; International Shipping is paid for separately each time you need it and costs $1.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in the app:
Open the app > Get Started > App Menu > MyFelt > Account Settings

How can I tell how many cards I have left?

Your number of remaining cards for the month is visible in the app menu, as well as every time you checkout.

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