We're here to be your thoughtfulness sherpas.

More than just a greeting card app.

We’re a one-stop shop —a boutique stationery store, local post office, ATM*, and your personal guide to being a more thoughtful person —for starters. Felt was created to remove the obstacles between you and sending a thoughtful message to your friends, family and co-workers. We handle the hard parts behind the scenes, so you can slow things down and focus on the sincerity of handwriting a card. To us, your message will always be the most important thing.

We understand text messages are quicker and birthday emails are still going to be sent. But there’s nothing like carrying on this simple joy, because it just feels so good to do something nice for others. And that’s why we say, “thanks for writing.”

Also, it’s polite.

Our Mission

Honestly, we love the idea of people taking their time to hand-write a personal greeting card. We want to use technology to help keep people more thoughtful, while putting memories to paper, so friends and family can hold them forever.


We work remote, and love it!

We’ve all heard people say, “I moved here for a job” and they never sound too thrilled about the idea. Part of what makes Felt great are the different people from distant lands. Occasionally, we get together for a bite or a sip, but other than that, we think you should live where you’re happiest.


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