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Send Your Card with a Thoughtful Gift

Felt handpicks an assortment of seasonal gifts for you to send along with your personalized card. Our curated gift options include seasonal tea and coffee, card frames and holders to make a keepsake, relaxing selections from Whipped Up Wonderful's bath line, and more! All gifts ship either 2-Day or Overnight delivery, with your card tucked safely inside. Check out our current gift inventory in the app.

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Fun Add-Ons

Add a little extra fun to your card!

Unsuspecting card recipients will open their envelope, and get an extra surprise! From unicorns and balloons for birthday cards to hearts and snowmen for something more seasonal, Felt offers unique confetti and paper cut outs to personalize your cards —for only $1! If confetti isn’t your style — tuck a kid-friendly sticker pack into your envelope. Or if you’re feeling a little edgier, add in some patriotic or classic dinosaur themed temporary tattoos.

Frames & Card Holders

Your Card as a Keepsake

Felt cards are made from the heart and sometimes deserve a place of honor that's a little more special than the fridge. Send a frame or card holder along to turn your card into a keepsake. We offer a trendy 5x7” acrylic frame, a modern moon block wooden photo holder, or the wooden photo ledge that can hold up to four panels!

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Gift Bundles

Send handmade gifts, crafted by Etsy artisans.

Browse our selection of bespoke gift bundles. Select something a little more to go with that milestone birthday card. From tea, jam and shortbread biscuits, to soothing lavender and bath bombs — we stock curated gift options for every occasion. Our handmade gifts are sourced from Etsy artisans, and our food options are sourced from Neuhaus Chocolates and Cavallini Fine Coffee and Tea.

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