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Send Individual Cards as you go.

Your first Felt Card frame is just $4! Attach and send up to four greeting or photo frames, for just $1 each. All cards include domestic shipping within the U.S. You can always ship internationally for just $1 more.

This combination above is $7 or 7 credits, including postage.

Seasonal Gifts

Exclusive confetti shapes cost an additional $1, and are mailed along with your card. All larger gifts in our catalog have their own individual pricing and shipping cost based on weight, your card can be included inside the larger package.

Send Cash & Gift Cards

Each gift card costs its selected face value, plus $1 for the card frame and a small activation fee. Cash can be added to your card at face value, with no associated cost.

International Delivery

International Delivery is only $1 extra, added to your order total. Typical delivery time for cards is 7-10 days from order confirmation. We currently ship internationally with few restrictions.


Pre-purchase Credits for Larger Projects

Pre-purchase a Felt Credit bundle and save up to 25% off retail pricing. Each credit has the value of $1 USD and they never expire! Credits can be used toward card purchases, but not gift purchases at this time.


Sign up & Save with Felt Subscriptions

You’re given many choices in life and each choice leads you down a different path. So, will it be the Felt Plus Subscription? Or the Felt (write like a) Pro Subscription? Take your time. There are no wrong answers. Both save you money.

Happiness Policy

Our policy is simple: If something happens, we’ll do everything we can to make it right. And if you don’t use your subscription one month, we’ll credit the fee back to your account. The credits you earn never expire, so you can use them for thank you's or even holiday cards. It’s a subscription you'll never have to worry about.

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Felt Plus

Not sure if a Felt subscription is for you? Give it about a month and we think you’ll fall in love. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. With Felt Plus, you can send 3 free cards a month for just $6. Select each card from our curated collection of designs, and add up to four designs or photos!. You can mix and match til your heart's content!

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Felt Pro

Here’s where we keep all the bells and whistles. For $19 a month, you’ll receive 3 free cards a month, and each card thereafter is 40% off (only $2.40 vs our regular price of $4!) Plus, our fabulous team of designers will create your own personal stationery card. You can even use your own logo!

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