Try your hand at relationship marketing.

Send handwritten cards on your own personalized stationery.
Sealed, stamped and mailed all from your phone or tablet!

The Write Way to Make Personal Connections

If you’re looking to make your customers, colleagues, partners and fans feel the love, handwritten notes are personal in a way that email and text won’t ever be. The positive impact your card makes on their life is what makes all the difference in the business world.

Designed just for you

Custom Branded Stationery on the go.

The designers at Felt create your custom stationery by using your logo, initials, and provided contact information. They can also happily take on special design requests. In addition to creating your custom cards, you can pair your custom card back with any greeting, thank you or photo card available in the app at no extra cost! Your recipients will only ever see your logo (instead of ours!)

Customize Card Now

Included with Pro

Save Card Drafts to Edit and Reuse.

Contact Import from Device or spreadsheets.

Save Handwritten Addresses to Address Book.

Your branding on any Felt greeting, thank you or photo card.

Schedule card delivery for any future date.

Advanced Reminders for Contacts and Events.

CRM Integration — Coming Fall 2019.

Online Account Management.

A Whole New Way

A professional set of tools, for personal connections.

Send a card with a unique, personal format.

Our card format provides for a more personal, intimate feel. Create a unique card with a custom back. Add up to 4 frames to make an accordion!

Works great with or without a stylus.

Whether you're at home using your Apple Pencil, or on-the-go with just your finger. You can send and sign personal cards from anywhere.

Your confidential data is private.

Neither Felt nor a third party will ever make use of your or your recipient's information. Your confidential contact list will always remain private.


Send a Card From Everyone

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues. Start a card and invite everyone on the team to join in on the fun! Anyone can and add their own photos, doodles, typing, and handwriting.

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Supersized features
with a tiny price tag

Felt Pro Monthly Subscription

$19 Paid Monthly

Felt Pro Annual Subscription

$180 Paid Annually

  • Save $48 over monthly subscription
  • 3 FREE cards a month
  • 40% off all cards thereafter
  • Custom branded card
  • 3 Free stylus pens
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