Felt Bomb

Invite friends to send cards to one special person that arrive all at once.

How it works

Send More Love

Create a Felt Bomb and invite friends and family to send love to one special person. Everyone makes their own card with their photos, drawings, doodles and handwriting. We then print and mail the cards on the same day so they arrive all at once!

Download and Start
The More the merrier

Unlimited Friends, Unlimited Cards

There’s no limit to the number of friends you can include; There’s no limit to the number of cards!

Safe and Secure

Addresses Stay Private

The recipients’ address is never shown to participants. However, friends and family are able to add their information into the return address section.

Make it Easy

Include a Budget

To allow those you invited to send cards for free, add a budget of Felt credits! Any un-used credits will be returned to your account once the Felt Bomb is mailed. You can also add and remove credits at any time.

For All Types of Occasions

There's no wrong reason to start a Felt Bomb, but here are a few ideas


Send kind words to congratulate your favorite graduate on their big accomplishment. Friends and family can even send photo memories from each year of high school or college.


Wether it's a big birthday or just another candle on the cake we're willing to bet your loved ones would be excited to receive a bunch of birthday cards in their mailbox.


It could be your anniversary or the anniversary of a couple you love. Celebrate love and big milestones with pictures and life lessons their love has taught you.


Retirement is a huge milestone that is cause for celebration. Invite friends, family, and co-workers past and present to share their well wishes.


How would it feel to get a bunch of cards encouraging you to keep going. To keep fighting, to keep pursuing your goals. That would feel awesome.


Think about a teacher you know, someone leading the charge of a cause you care about, or someone who’s out there always helping others. Love is what gets us through our daily grinds.

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