How it Works

How to Send a Card with Felt

Channel your creativity and we'll take care of the rest.

It’s your creative “baby”, and we’ll treat it just as sweetly. We seal, stamp, and mail everything for you. Nevertheless, it’s your ability to play with photos, funky pens, color tools, and the written word that makes these cards so fun to read.

Step 1

Choose a card, photo frame or both!

You can pick one of our many beautiful greeting designs or the perfect pic from your photo library. You’ll have the choice of sending a classic photo or photo caption card. Photo Caption cards have a vintage instant camera feel and give you the ability to write a personal message below a favorite photo. However, if you’re looking to send the big picture, a Classic photo card is the way to go.


Make it your own— handwrite, type, or doodle.

Your message can be handwritten using just your finger or a stylus, and you can write or doodle on the front or back of any card. Don’t worry if you’re not into your handwriting, we’ve got you covered with a few cool designer fonts and colors to choose from. You can also save drafts of your messages, if you need to re-use a greeting or signature later.


Address the Envelope.

You can even handwrite your addresses if you’re feeling fancy. (If you're not a fan of your own penmanship, you can easily upload your contacts and have all of their addresses typed onto the envelopes.) All Felt cards are printed on premium Mohawk paper, and sealed in our signature Kraft envelope. We also hand-apply a first class stamp, so it feels like it came from you. Because it did!


That’s it. We got it from here!

Seriously, you don’t have to keep reading. We’re already walking to the mailbox. We’ve reached the mailbox, putting the cards in the mailbox, lifting the little red flag on the mailbox ... you’re still reading about a mailbox?! What are you waiting for? Click the button!

We're Universal.

Now available in an app store near you. Download Felt for iOS and Android: if you’ve got the internal space within your memory card and your heart, we’ve got the perfect app for you and your device.